Are Peace and Joy Coursing Through Your Veins?

Or do you feel the dull throbbing in your glands otherwise known as holiday cheer? It is induced by Christmas lights and our obligatory migration patterns to garish department stores once each year.  Yes, aggressive consumption doth pleaseth our corporate overlords, especially this time of year, and when you dane to shop online with independent designers instead, or in wonderful family-owned shops that are loaded with character, the corporate gods are greatly angered.  How will they incur their wrath upon you?  With advertising!

If you live on one of those fly-over coasts, I suggest you check out these fantastic, positively experiential independent shops.  You can find my jewelry live and in person at Goldbug in Pasadena, CA; The Evolution Store in Soho, NYC; and December Thieves, Boston.

For last minute online gifts check out these ready-to ship items from my website and Etsy shop:

Oak Sapling Earrings: $149

Oak Sapling Necklace: $119

Oak Sapling Spike Ring: $89

MU7A2685B crop

The saplings are cast in fine detail from the buds of a spring oak sapling.

Tiny Tentacle Necklace in black, polished or carnation silver: $45-$60

Large Tentacle Necklace in black silver: $70

Tentacle Sculpture Ring in black or polished silver: $200

With gemmy sunstone: $312

MU7A2625B copy

Tentacle Sculpture Ring with sunstone gem; Large black silver Tentacle Necklace by Peggy Skemp 2015. Photo by Matthew Reeves.


Polished silver Tentacle Sculpture Ring and Tiny Tentacle Necklace by Peggy Skemp 2015. Photo by Matthew Reeves.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends and haters!!!  If you still need something shipped before the holiday, use code: FANCYFREE for free US priority shipping.

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