Fashionably Enthusiastic

Its time for another highly anticipated dispatch from my piney cave of hammers/dreams in scenic yet painfully boring Wisconsin.  (Missing Chicago, big-time.) In the spirit of distraction, I have unilaterally decided there is a hot new fashion craze among artists and cleaning ladies: the mod smock apron. Its back, folks, and more practical than ever! You want a look transitions seamlessly from day to night, from potato-planting to absent-mindedly watching Netflix? This is it.  But what sets this style apart from all the rest is that it also transitions seamlessly from night back to day! That means you can make a painting, read on the couch, wear it as jammies, then wake up with the appearance of already having done a hard-days work- in your intentionally messy smock apron. Yes, I think I’ve found the perfect look for the lazy woman on-the-go. And rest assured, smock aprons are also extremely sexy. In fact, for safety I must recommend tucking in any errant side-boob for welding or bee-keeping projects. Where can you “get the look?”  Try a vintage shop, estate sale or EtsyEtsy, Etsy, Etsy, which as always has your fashion and jewelry needs covered.

Mod smock apron I purchased on Etsy.

Mod smock apron I purchased on Etsy.

As a wannabe hobby farmer I often find myself wearing a smock apron saying to myself “this is way too much lettuce!” Luckily, the Salvation Army food pantry has me covered. They accept fresh fruit and veggie donations, kindly serving 3 meals a day to anyone, no questions asked.  I was able to bring 40 pounds of kale and swiss chard for their meal service program last week and its already time for another harvest. For any fellow gardeners who have been massively cultivating abundance, I highly recommend sharing. If you have bought any jewelry from my website over the past 8 months, you have directly contributed to the friendship garden and food forest here on the grounds of Peggy Skemp Jewelry. Thank you for your patronage! Throughout August, use code PLUM on my website for 10% off orders over $200 and I will plant a tree in the friendship forest, name it after you and take amazing care of it- plus you will get a sweet deal on some new jewels to match your smock. Love, Peggy

Strawberries from my garden.

Strawberries from my garden.

Kale, chard and silver beats for food outreach.

Kale, chard and silver beats for food outreach.

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