Fancy Trees


Luna moth clinging to my bathroom window.

Luna moth clinging to my bathroom window.

Lately I’ve been wondering- do finance stock trader-types get obsessed with planting trees? The risks and rewards come with an intoxicating rush, although lets face it, what constitutes a risk or a reward is a bit subjective! Will my trees all be swiftly girdled by voles? Are hummingbirds highly motivational? (no and yes.) When you spend your idle hours planting lots and lots of flowers and trees, alien visitors like the luna moth pictured above, tend to visit. By now I have planted an orchard of more than 20 trees in a sunny field near the jewelry studio, including various types of delicious apples, plums, apricots, cherries, hazelnuts, and even peaches. I was able to buy the trees, thanks to all of your spring purchases, from an incredible greenhouse near my shop, New Era Nursery, a wonderful sustainability-oriented family business. One of the owners, Kim, says he won’t sell a plant unless its “good enough for your mother’s garden.” My mother introduced me to New Era, so their plants MUST be good enough!

In other news, my Arbor Day trees finally came and honestly, to call them trees is a bit mis-leading. In truth they are 10 pathetic little twigs that will need to be intentionally loved back to life. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, Arbor Day Foundation!!! To be fair, the trees I purchased were in much better shape than their free trees. I would still recommend a membership and agree that 10 FREE trees makes for better marketing than 10 FREE mostly dead twigs.  If the Princess Bride and Billy Crystal have taught us anything, its that MOSTLY dead is different from ALL dead.Sad little wannabe trees.

As far as jewelry goes, I’m bubbling over with inspiration preparing for the Renegade pop-up show at the Hideout (1354 W Wabansia) June 27-28 11AM-6PM.  I’m at booth #76. It should be a fabulous bash! There will be music, food trucks and I’m showing all sorts of new jewelry, including one of a kind tentacle and lung pieces and an entirely new series of oak sapling jewelry. These textural pieces, cast from a real oak sapling branches in early spring, would make excellent gifts for new mothers, grads, and pals of every sort. If my toka and black ice plums are ripe by then, I promise to bring some to share at the show! The Renegade Pop up show is free to attend, so if you happen to be in the Chicago area, Invite all your rad buddies to share in the fun and enjoy the literal and figurative fruits of my labor!

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