Your Mom

You guys, your mom is the best! Are you properly honoring her?  I refuse to tell you what I am giving my mom for mother’s day because she knows about the internet, but its going to be spectacular, burst-into-tears style. If you are searching for a gift for her, or in honor of your own rad mom-ness, check out my website for some good ideas.  My own mother, Dale Carnegie aficionado/green smoothie expert, is a huge fan of the tiny anatomical heart necklace in polished or carnation pink silver.

If I weren’t going to give my mom some incredible piece of jewelry from my website, I might sign her up for an Arbor Day Foundation Membership and have a crap-load of trees delivered to her house for free. Then, with narrowed eyes like Johnny Wayne Appleseed you could challenge her to keep them alive the way she did you for all those years. But plant them for her, otherwise its more of a practical joke than a gift, in a way.

If you want to really surprise mom, have her gift of Peggy Skemp Jewelry shipped directly to her house, or present her mother’s day gift well after mother’s day has already passed, and truly surprise her. She will think you totally forgot only to be shocked and delighted by your overwhelming thoughtfulness at surprising her, and you can forego springing for express shipping.  The gift stands a chance of being delivered in time if you order before Thursday May 7th and have it shipped directly to her house. No invoices are included in the package, so your generosity will be a classy secret.

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