Festive Jewels

Ciao from the workshop in Wisconsin!  As many of you may already know, I have been battling a serious gummy bear addiction ever since Thanksgiving or so.  Luckily so far it isn’t taking any toll on my work, although my social life has suffered as a result.  But anyway, I’m still getting plenty of anatomical heart lockets made, so  hooray for me! And hooray for you! This year I’ve decided to pamper the pants off of my holiday customers by shipping everyone’s orders by Priority 2-day mail, (unless Express is requested.) Gary at the La Farge post office, (a pheasant hunter with springer spaniels,) is colluding with me in this plot to make everyone’s holiday wishes come true, (particularly the ones involving Peggy Skemp jewelry,)  Gary has agreed that if need be he will release the magic reindeer.  This means that you can really super procrastinate all the way until Monday or even Tuesday and still come out ahead with some beautiful and reasonably priced jewels.

Original silver anatomical heart locket by Peggy Skemp

Original silver anatomical heart locket by Peggy Skemp

In non-Gary-related news, I’ve marked a few more pieced down for your gifting pleasure!  The white and yellow bronze small hearts are on sale for $25, down from $40.

Bronze Small Anatomical Heart

And the small polished, black and carnation silver hearts are all marked down from $70. to $45/$55.

Small Silver Anatomical Heart Necklace

I’m making a lot of new stuff, mostly studs with fabulous stones, a number of tentacle rings, and still working on the wax for the incredible lung lockets that have long been in the works.  The biggest hit at the One of a Kind Show was this one of a kind Petrolated Quartz Tentacle Ring.  Petrolated quarts is a quartz crystal with inclusions of petroleum.  In addition to having ancient bubbles of yellow gas, my specimens also have inclusions of air and water, so you are actually able see tiny bubbles moving inside the yellow bubbles with your naked eye, unless you have terrible vision.  I’ve only seen this type of gem once and I bought all I could at that time.  I still have a few pieces left and am taking special orders for petrolated quartz jewelry in a variety of styles.  It definitely works with the tentacles!  The polisher said that when he was polishing the crystals, he had to be careful not to let the stone get hot at all, or the gas inside would explode and ruin the gem!  I wish I had better photos of the new work I have made recently!  That will happen soon, and until then please accept my apologies for the poor quality of my hairy-knuckle ring pics.

Petrolated Quartz Ring

Enjoy your holiday!  I hope your family are all a bunch of hilarious weirdos and that you eat tasty food and delight in your good health and humor!

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2 thoughts on “Festive Jewels

  1. Ana Sofia André on said:

    How can I buy one of those hearts? I’m From Portugal and I would really like to have one.

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