Works in Progress

Now that I’m back from Italy and fully settled in, its back to the business of smithing-it-up in preparation for the One of a Kind Show here in Chicago, December 6-9.  This is the most humongous and fanciest show I have ever been a part of so I’m hitting the work-bench hard, preparing designs in a range of prices; plenty of $30 necklaces as well as a few brand new, very unusual pieces I’m making specifically for this very special show.  Of course, I will have my signature anatomical heart lockets, carnation and blackened silver tentacle sculpture rings, and my new opening brain rings with special stones or engraved cross-sections inside.  I’ll also come prepared with a few wild, sculptural tentacle rings set with blue diamonds, red/orange fire agates and electric green ammolite fossils and a jellyfish piece set with a dazzling ocean-derived fossil. It will be sort of a similar design to this druzy jellyfish I had at the Renegade San Francisco show, but with a very different type of gem. (The druzy one sold before I could get a decent photo of it!)

Conchina stone for new jellyfish piece

This photo doesn’t quite do the stone justice- it glitters with spectacular blue, yellow and pink light-play.

One of a kind jellyfish necklace with “wind cloud” druzy by Peggy Skemp 2012

I am most excited about a visceral-looking eyeball ring I’ve just begun, a very unusual piece which I will set with a dazzling flower-cut sea green fluorite.  It will be the first original, sculptural piece I have done that will be hand-engraved in my customization of florentine style, in which the veins bare a slight resemblance to florentine scrolls.  Quite excited about that little beauty.  I will also have some brand new fungi pieces, and a small collection of my new hand-engraved scientific illustrations.  Working at engraving barnacles, nautilus shells, squid and 4 hand-made Italian silver frames.  On two of the frames I am planning on doing the traditional Florentine scroll-work I just learned, and the other two will be my own designs, vasculature and DNA strands executed in my variation on the Florentine style.

Here are some older one-of-a-kind pieces that are in the same vein as a few of the new pieces I’ll have at One of a Kind! Hope to see your smiling face in Chicago this December.  And you know what special guests will be there with me?  My mom and sister!!

Silver tentacle necklace with briolette-cut red opal by Peggy Skemp 2010.

Ammonite Necklace by Peggy Skemp 2011

Green Ammonite Tentacle Ring by Peggy Skemp 2011

Diamond tentacle sculpture ring by Peggy Skemp 2010

Tubelet fungi necklace, ring and hair comb by Peggy Skemp 2012

Tubelet fungi ring by Peggy Skemp 2012

Tubelet fungi necklace by Peggy Skemp 2012

Lattice Cluster Fungi Ring by Peggy Skemp 2010

Custom rose and white gold brain ring by Peggy Skemp 2012

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3 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Very cool stuff! Your detail is fantastic.

  2. Your jewelry is amazing! Flawless, precise, and breathtaking. Bravo!

  3. Lady Teacup on said:

    Absolutely beautiful! It’s excrutiatingly hard to pick a favourite.

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