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Summer is racing by and exciting things are happening in the studio and at my retailers! A few weeks ago the Chicago Reader listed me as “Best Jewelry Artist” Chicago, 2012.  There were 3 minutes of triumphant karate all over the studio upon learning that news!  But this week I put down the confetti canon and got back to work… finishing up some special jellyfish and hydra pieces for the Renegade San Francisco and Los Angeles shows in a few weeks…. stay tuned!!

In June I visited The Evolution Store in NYC to bring them a new collection of work and ogle their mesmerizing taxidermy!  They have been stocking up on tentacle jewelry!

While in NYC, I stopped into Old Hollywood‘s new location on Manhattan’s lower east side to bring them a fistful of heart lockets and left with a fabulous pair of sunglasses and my new all-time favorite hat, a wide-brimmed straw number with a drawstring so it won’t fly off when I’m sailing down the lakeshore on my bicycle!  They have a marvelous collection of lovely, affordable jewelry and summer dresses and have repeatedly been voted “Best Jewelry” by New York Magazine.

I had the pleasure of bringing new jewelz to Goldbug in Pasadena recently as well.  I had to snap up a pair of brown and white porcupine quill earrings and the most amazing black dress made by the proprietress.  It has flamboyant bubble hips and a very low back… so wonderful I had to wear it out of the store, forgetting that my next stop was frisbee-golfing, which did not seem to raise any eyebrows in LA.  It was exciting to see all the other thrilling, hilarious, beautiful art objects they are purveying, including Lisa Wood’s insect dioramas!

Goldbug is having a huge sale right now.

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One thought on “This and That

  1. Lynne on said:

    Thanks Peggy for the great brain ring! Nice to meet you in San Francisco. Will look forward to wearing my ring all through October. It’s so cool I may bring it out more often than that.

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