One of a Kind Vault Volume 3: Phasmids

Phasmids are the crude sensory organs of the Secernentea class of nematode parasites.  All of these necklaces were created in 2009 in copper and lead free vitreous enamel, fired in my Paragon enameling kiln.  They were my first experiments with enamel, a very tricky medium.  At the time I was obsessed with parasites, how non-human creatures experience and navigate the world- a theme that looms large in much of my work.

Sensitivity to timing and meticulous cleanliness is required for an enameled piece to turn out alright.  Each Phasmid was fired with 2-4 layers of enamel. Seconds longer in the kiln could be the difference between a sugar-fired, granular texture, a flat glass finish, and completely burning the piece beyond repair.  The tension of pulling a piece from the kiln in the nick of time, and without it flopping off the trivet or worse, falling on the studio floor, was quite a thrill!These are the pieces that I was pleased with.  They were incredibly fun and challenging to make and I hope to fire up the enameling kiln again this winter.

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One thought on “One of a Kind Vault Volume 3: Phasmids

  1. Thanks! Interesting posting, and i’m total agree. Hope to see more 🙂

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